Register a company in Poland, buy a polish shelf company

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Do you want to start your business in Poland and register a company?

What do we offer?
We offer a service of registration of a company in Poland on a turn-key basis.
In result you will get documents, a seal and a company ready for work.
The most convenient and recommended organizational and legal form of the enterprise – Limited Company (LTD), in polish it is called “sp. z o.o.” (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością).

The price of new polish company registration – 1200 EUR (company with model articles of association).

What is included into this price:
1. Bank account for a company;
2. Preparation of articles of association text, finding and choosing the right activity codes according to PKD (polish classification of company activity codes);
3. Obtaining NIP – tax identification number;
4. Obtaining REGON – number in the Statistical Office of Poland;
5. VAT and EU VAT Registration;
6. Obtaining EORI number (customs number);
7. Registration in ZUS (polish Social security office);
8. Virtual office address for the first year of company’s activity;
9. Seal of the company;
10. All translation services needed;
11. All governmental fees connected with polish company registration.

What are additional costs:
Accountant services (from 160 EUR monthly, depending on the quantity of processed documents).

How long will in take to start a company?
Company registration in Poland will take about 10 working days.

Buy a registered shelf company in Poland

If you do not want to wait while a new company is registered, but want to buy an already registered one in a short time, we will offer you a ready for work polish company.

What are the advantages of buying a ready-made company?
1. You can start the activity very quickly – only one visit to the notary will be needed, after which you become the owner.
2. The companies we offer are always tested, clean, not burdened by any debts or other (for example, tax) problems.
3. The possibility of buying an already complete company with a bank account.


Authorized capital of proposed companies:
Standard – 5000 zł. We can offer options with higher capital at the request of the client.


Company address:
Basically, all proposed companies have a virtual legal address already paid for 1 year in the center of Warsaw. At the request of the client, we can change the address for any other for an additional payment.


Age of proposed companies:
We can offer both new companies, registered not more than 3 months ago, and companies with the age of 1 year or more.






Feedback about our services

  • Обратились за рядом услуг в Варшаве, если коротко – остались довольны.
    Во первых, люди знают свое дело и работают методично.
    Во вторых, за все время взаимоотношений, не возникало вопросов о качестве и чистоте работы.
    В третьих, что очень приятно, мы получили в разы больше, чем было оговорено на старте.
    Искренне желаю удачи, обязательно буду рекомендовать компанию, как надежного и проверенного партнера.

  • Обратились за рядом услуг(поиск квартиры,открытие фирмы, карта побыта). Всегда все услуги были предоставлены качественно и профессионально. За время взаимоотношений не возникало никаких негативных вопросов. Рекомендую как отличного специалиста в этой сфере деятельности. Спасибо за помощь.

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