Residence permit in Poland, Work permit in Poland

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Residence card and residence permit in Poland. We offer a full range of services for the legalization of your stay in Poland

Surely many of you are interested in how to obtain a residence permit in Poland, or how to leave for Poland for permanent residence from your home country.

Price of our services – from 320 Euros. Call us or write to us in order to receive preliminary free consultation and we will tell which solution can be offered in your case

Ways to get a card in Poland:
1. Full time studies in Poland or polish language courses.
2. Work in Poland (official work on the basis of the contract: umowa o pracę, umowa zlecenie, umowa o dzieło)
3. Business in Poland

What is included in our services for obtaining residence permit in Poland:
1. Record on a specific day and time for submission of documents to the Polish Foreigners Office
2. Preparation of documents, filling in questionnaires for submission
3. Full support of the client in the Foreigners Office on the day of submission of documents and on the day of receipt of the residence card
4. Full support throughout the whole process of considering the case of receiving a residence permit – performing the function of a representative in the Foreigners Office, receiving correspondence in the case and preparing answers to various requests of this body
5. All the fees related to the consideration of the case and issuance of the card
First, let’s define what is karta pobytu, and what are its types.
Under the residence card (karta pobytu) in Poland it is usually understood a residence permit in Poland. When a foreigner receives a residence permit, he is given a card in confirmation of this fact – a document that looks like a plastic card, on which the foreigner’s data is placed, as well as the type and date of validity of the card.

The card has several types:
1. karta pobytu czasowego – this is a temporary residence card in Poland (temporary residence permit). It is issued for up to 3 years, after which it is necessary to re-apply for a temporary residence permit.
For example, a card for a student is a temporary residence permit.

2. karta stałego pobytu – this is a card of permanent residence in Poland. Permission for permanent residence is issued to a foreigner permanently, but every 10 years you simply need to change the old card onto a new one. This type of document can only be obtained by certain categories of foreigners who plan to leave for permanent residence in Poland, in particular: they want to obtain permanent residence in Poland on the basis of a Pole’s card; who have Polish roots; who are spouses of citizens of Poland; in other special cases. Therefore, before you leave for Poland for permanent residence you need to clarify whether you fulfill all the conditions for issuing a permanent residence permit and whether you have all the necessary documents. If not, then proceed to the third type.

3. zezwolenie na pobyt długoterminowego rezydenta UE – this is a residence permit for a long-term EU resident. This kind of permission is granted to foreigners who stayed in Poland for at least 5 years continuously and have a stable and regular source of income for the last 3 years before submitting the documents. This type of a card is the most convenient option for those who do not have Polish roots or a Pole’s card, but want to get permission to stay in Poland after 5 years of living in this country. The residence permit of a long-term EU resident is also issued permanently, but every 5 years you must exchange the card for a new one.

In order to understand why the residence permit in Poland is so interesting for foreigners, let’s see what advantages it gives to us:
• The right to travel freely and without visas to all countries of the Schengen area;
• the right to work in Poland (in most cases);
• the right to apply for a US, British, or another visa without leaving the territory of Poland;
• the ability to take loans, mortgages, leasing.
Also, a residence permit in Poland will allow you not to waste time at the airport on passport control – the passage of all controls is significantly simplified.

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Обратились за рядом услуг(поиск квартиры,открытие фирмы, карта побыта). Всегда все услуги были предоставлены качественно и профессионально. За время взаимоотношений не возникало никаких негативных вопросов. Рекомендую как отличного специалиста в этой сфере деятельности. Спасибо за помощь.


Неодноразово зверталася по ряду питань (карта побиту, пошук квартири, страхування, підключення Інтернету) отримувала вичерпані відповіді та допомогу як в побутових питаннях так і в оформленні документів. Дуже дякую.

Maryna Yevtushenko
Maryna Yevtushenko

Вся наша родина ДЯКУЄ Андрію! Він допоміг нам з переїздом до Польщі, всі папери були зроблені професійно і швидко. Дякуємо за карти побиту, за допомогу з пошуку квартири, за допомогу з школою і садочком!!! Дякуємо за те, що завжди залишаєтеся на зв’язку, як “Служба підтримки” у самих різноманітних питаннях!!! ДЯКУЄМО!!!

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