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Buying of ready made companies in Poland today is increasingly popular among foreigners

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It is quite easy to buy a company registered in Poland. There is an option to buy a business with previous turnover in Poland or to acquire a completely new entity, without history. What are ready-made companies in Poland; what stages include the acquisition of a new business; how much time will take the paperwork; How much will it cost and some other nuances you will learn from this article.

What is our offer?

Many businessmen from EU states and also from outside of the European Union are increasingly attracted by the idea to purchase a Polish company. This may be due to the stable economic development of Poland, proximity and attractiveness of the European market, as well as the fact that creating a business in Poland has become quite simple and fast. In Poland, the company can be bought within 1 working day.

Our law firm INPOLAND is located in Poland, Warsaw. The main specialization is the sale of shelf companies in Poland.

We usually offer out clients to buy ready-to-work LTD’s which have never had any activities, so they do not have:
– any obligations;
– any employed employees history;
– any legal history;
– any history of accounting and sales;
– debts;
– credits, loans, financing.

As a rule, a ready-made company in Poland is interesting for those customers who need to urgently start business activities, since there is no time to register a new one.

How to buy a limited liability company in Poland

Картинка о этапах покупки польской фирмы
To buy a Polish firm, the client must come to Warsaw, where the entire procedure of purchase is taking place.
• First, the client chooses which one to buy from what is offered by our lawyers.
• If you are interested in one of the offered companies, its cost is immediately calculated taking into account all services the client needs.
• The date of purchase is determined.

In order to buy a company in Poland, you need:

• Arrive in Warsaw on the day that was previously agreed;
• To sing documents at the notary:
– buy the shares;
– appoint the director;
• Open a bank account for the enterprise;

We sell both ready-made companies, registered VAT payers (VAT), and the entities without VAT-number. A firm that is registered as a VAT payer has a European VAT number. This is a very important point, as counterparties from Western Europe have greater trust to those ones which have a European VAT number.

As you can see, buying a business entity in 1 day is quite realistic. When all documents are drawn up by a notary and access to a bank account is obtained, everything is completely ready for work and you can start the activity.

When you buy a shelf company you get:

Готовая польская компания - фото 1– Ready-to-work business entity in Poland;
– A valid bank account in Polish national currency, and additionally in foreign currencies such as Euro, US dollars or British pounds.
– Articles of Association and an extract from the National business registry in electronic form;
– Legal address of the company, paid for 1 year, with the service of receiving and sending scans of mail correspondence to the client’s e-mail (the so-called “virtual office”);
– The corporate seal.

If you still wondering where to buy the company, Poland is an excellent choice for sure! You can find out how much our services cost by writing or calling us right now.

INPOLAND services are a real treasure for foreigners who are interested in doing business in Poland. Our experts will protect you from bureaucracy and help you buy an enterprise ready for work. So you can spend your time and energy on the development of a new business.

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Периодически покупаем готовые польские компании у inpoland, всегда быстрое и качественное оказание услуги, счет в банке открывается в тот же день, поддержка по телефону после открытия фирмы и счета – бесценный бонус! Спасибо, всегда приятно с Вами работать!

Александр Кравченко
Александр Кравченко

Благодарю компанию INPOLAND за быстрое оформление продажи польской компании, все сделали в срок и дали максимум информации по дальнейшей деятельности и особенностях ведения бизнеса в Польше! Удачи, буду рекомендовать друзьям!

Алексей (г. Москва)
Алексей (г. Москва)

Хотели открыть новую фирму, но поняли, что быстрее будет купить готовую польскую фирму, набрели на этот сайт и не пожалели! Консультанты уделили нам полное внимание, организовали покупку компании у нотариуса в Варшаве в удобные нам даты, помогли открыть счета в банке. В общем советую, замечаний нет!

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