Company formation in Poland

Картинка о услугах регистрации фирмы в Польше
Would you like to register your own company in one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union?

Opening a company in Poland is becoming more profitable. Income tax is just 9 percent. The country has become low-tax, just like Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus etc. Although there is a condition: the amount of annual sales of the company, that is, the turnover should not exceed 1.2 million euros. If the turnover is more than that, then the tax rate increases to 19%. Company registration in Poland is not a difficult task, however it requires professional skills. Our lawyers will help foreigners with setting up business in Poland – in result the client receives a company that is ready-to-run with the entire package of necessary documents and a seal.

Which legal structure to choose when you open a company in Poland?
The most popular legal form is a limited company (LTD, polish name – “spółka zoo”). It is the most often used form by foreigners, since it is impossible to open an individual entrepreneur to a foreigner without a permanent residence permit due to legal restrictions.

What are the first steps if you decide to open a business in Poland?
To start cooperation, we offer to contact us in any convenient way selected in the Contacts section on the site. Our lawyers will give you free advice on all questions and describe the whole procedure in detail.
We provide our legal services to all non-residents. You will only have to arrive in Warsaw on a pre-arranged day in order to sign the documents at a notary and open an account in the bank. Our experts will set you free from the bureaucratic hassle of paper.

Services included in the cost of company formation in Poland:
Сколько стоит открыть фирму в Польше | INPOLAND

• Interpreter assistance at the notary and in the bank;
• Drawing up articles of association of the company, the selection of types of company activities according to the Polish Classification (PKD);
• Opening a bank account in one of the TOP-3 Polish banks;
• Production of the official seal of the organization;
• Provision of the legal address of the company for 1 year;
• Registration in the State Statistical Office – obtaining REGON number;
• Obtaining the tax number of the enterprise – NIP;
• Getting a VAT and VAT-EU number (if necessary);
• Company registration in the social insurance fund of Poland – ZUS;
• Payment of all necessary state fees;

The cost of maintaining the company after registration:
Before you incorporate a company in Poland, it is worth knowing the cost of the monthly accountant (bookkeeping) services. The services of this specialist are very important when doing business in Poland, since the accountant keeps all financial documentation, communicates with the tax office and social insurance fund, submits reports, keeps personnel records.
Also, it is necessary to pay monthly rent of office if you will rent some. If the real office is not needed, then from the second year after registration the firm will have to pay for the use of the virtual office.

Taxes to be paid by Polish companies

  • CIT – is a tax, that depends on the company’s profit. It is calculated after deducting all of the expenses that are related to the current activities of the company: accounting, rental of office space, purchasing office equipment, tickets, etc. If the turnover of your company was less than 1.2 million euros, the tax is 9% of the company’s profits. If the annual sales amount exceeds 1.2 million euros, then the rate changes to 19%.
  • VAT – is the value added tax. Its base rate is 23%. For several types of services and goods, the law has rates from 0 to 8 %.

Additional legal services

Statement from the National business register of Poland with the seal of the register 50 EUR
Statement from the National business register with a seal + Apostille 75 EUR
Notarized Articles of Association of the company (AoA) 50 EUR
Notarized (AoA) + Apostille 85 EUR
Delivery by courier to EU states/other countries 40/50 EUR
Certified English translation of the Statement from the National business register 95 EUR
Certified English translation of the Articles of Association 120 EUR
Obtaining EORI customs number 120 EUR
Change of the Directors, company address, activities 250 EUR
Change of shareholders (registration of the sale of the shares) 370 EUR
Changes in the name, city, company’s main address, other changes in the AoA 610 EUR

Регистрация фирмы в Польше | INPOLAND


Starting business in Poland – main facts:

Business emigration to Poland is quite popular. This is explained by:
• You can open a company in Poland quite fast;
• Professional assistance in registration is provided;
• There is practically no corruption moments when registering and doing business in Poland, obtaining permits, licenses and in other issues;
• Opening and maintaining LTD in Poland (sp z oo) is quite inexpensive;
• It is not difficult to open a business in Poland for a foreigner;
• The conditions of doing business in this country are quite understandable and feasible;
• The tax system is optimally simple;
• Starting a business here gives high probability of obtaining a residence permit later.

All work related to the documents falls on our lawyers. The future owner must come to Warsaw literally for 1 day. To sign a notary agreement and open an account for a new company.

You can consider 2 ways of company formation in Poland.
The first one is registration of LTD at the notary. The second option is the electronic registration of a Polish company, that is, via the Internet. The price of our services depends on the chosen method.

Opening a company with a notary is more expensive, and the whole procedure will take longer.
But notarization has certain advantages: the founders may include special provisions in the Articles of Association. For example, if it is necessary to provide some kind of non-standard rights and obligations of the founders and/or members of the board, designate the specifics of making the share capital or the rules of borrowing funds by an enterprise. When registering a firm with a notary, the client receives a paper contract, certified by the seal and signature of the notary.
When registering a company through the Internet, the founders receive standard Articles of Association as a pdf-file with a digital signature. But this document is considered valid and is fully recognized by all governmental bodies.

The starting capital of a company must have at least 5000 zlotys – this is required by Polish law. An interesting fact: when registering a limited company, share capital should not be deposited in a bank account – it is enough to sign a document that the amount was deposited by all founders.

For many, the opening of a company in Poland means the first step before immigration. But do not think that registering a company in Poland for citizens of foreign countries is 100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit. In fact, Polish law imposes serious requirements on the owners of companies that want to receive a residence permit here. But everything is possible. Contact us for advice on this issue, and we will show you possible options. Registering a company in Poland is a promising solution. Specialists of INPOLAND law firm will share any information that relates to opening of the Polish company and the cost of services.

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Обратились за рядом услуг в Варшаве, если коротко – остались довольны.
Во первых, люди знают свое дело и работают методично.
Во вторых, за все время взаимоотношений, не возникало вопросов о качестве и чистоте работы.
В третьих, что очень приятно, мы получили в разы больше, чем было оговорено на старте.
Искренне желаю удачи, обязательно буду рекомендовать компанию, как надежного и проверенного партнера.


Обратились за рядом услуг(поиск квартиры,открытие фирмы, карта побыта). Всегда все услуги были предоставлены качественно и профессионально. За время взаимоотношений не возникало никаких негативных вопросов. Рекомендую как отличного специалиста в этой сфере деятельности. Спасибо за помощь.


Открывали польскую компанию, остались очень довольны. Юристы inpoland грамотно сопроводили весь процесс, на выходе мы получили работающую фирму и банковский счет в престижном банке Santander!

Марина Савицкая
Марина Савицкая

Хочу поблагодарить специалистов INPOLAND за грамотное оказание услуг, в быстром режиме открыли фирму, не отягощали формальностями, все документы для ведения деятельности получили на руки! Спасибо, и удачи в дальнейшей деятельности!


Было приятно с Вами работать, Марина, обращайтесь еще и приводите новых клиентов!

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